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The amount of talent, from photographers to designers, spread all over our wondrous world never fails to amaze me. One glance at any of our regional blogs and it’s guaranteed you’ll be drawn right into the stylish Southeast, the romance of the Northwest and the elegance of the Tri-State area. We’re giving you a little heads start today, with some of our favorite features of the week below – enjoy!

Choosing a Venue for Your Quinceanera

Today I want to talk about choosing a venue for your Quinceanera celebration. There are some important things for you should consider when you and your family are searching for your perfect venue. I am inspired because I’m sitting in the lounge of the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica, CA overlooking the sand and watching the waves break as they come to shore.
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How does an indoor ceremony work?

The wonderful thing about The Springs Events is the versatility- there’s always the option to have your ceremony indoors or outdoors with little to no decor change up. Some only use the indoor option as a back-up weather plan. Others plan an indoor ceremony from the start. Shiloh Springs Venue Manager, Nancy Vance, who was formerly the venue manager at Chisholm Springs, says, “This is actually our winter brides’ first choice.”

Will everyone be able to see the ceremony?

Yes! With the open area concept inside the hall there are no pillars or obstructions so you most definitely can do the ceremony on the inside.

Will my guests be able to hear if we have an indoor ceremony?

Yes! Since the venue has a built in sound system, the officiant can still be mic’ed.

When do I have to decide if we’ll be indoors or outdoors for the ceremony?

If you prefer to make the decision the morning or even later in the day of your wedding you can. The Springs Events does not manage your time line, so it’s your call. Talk with your venue manager about the logistics and she’ll help you with a plan.

How many chairs do I have at The Springs Events?

There are 640 chairs included with your rental; 320 white, padded chairs & 320 darker wood or resin chairs.


Where will the altar be?

Almost all of our brides choose the stage or just in front of the stage steps for the exchange of their vows. For altar ideas, we’ll have an upcoming post with pictures, but for now you can peruse our facebook albums, pinterest boards and ask your venue manager for ideas. Other options for the altar are the grand staircase, in front of the iron doors, or in the center of the dance floor with guests surrounding them.

What will the furniture configuration & room layout look like?

The options are limitless, but the chart & photos in the gallery below show the most common, which is in front or on the stage. It can be tweaked based on your guest count (the one below is set up for 220 – 280 guests, depending on how many guests are seated at each table).